Shopping Your Local Farmers Market


Happy Hump day, y’all! Today I’m talking about FARMERS MARKETS!

I love farmers markets. I love shopping outside in mine and my fiance’s cute little town, meeting the farmers and owners of our local businesses, and I LOVE buying FRESH local produce and knowing exactly where it came from. We go every Tuesday. We have a few local farmstands, bakers, a stand with organic dog treats, healthy local food trucks and more! Yesterday we bought a large bunch of beets, two boxes of fresh-picked cherries, a box of large plums, and a giant green bell pepper for only $14! We both had dinner from our local healthy harvest food truck for $6.50 total. It was $20 well-spent!

The first few times I went, I kept telling myself, “Why don’t I just go to Walmart or Aldi? It’s so much cheaper there…” I was missing the whole point. True, produce from farmers markets can be a little more pricey, but here’s why you should pay the extra few dollars:

  1. SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL FAMILY FARMERS. Small farms are struggling to survive against large agribusiness. Shopping from them helps families in your own community. You’re not feeding the pockets of the already wealthy, you’re helping a family put food on the table, pay for their son’s soccer shoes or the family’s medical bills.
  2. HELP THE ANIMALS! I’m sure you’ve all seen the awful viral videos of big agribusiness and their treatment of farm animals. When you shop from your local farmers, you can find eggs, milk etc. from animals that have been treated humanely and live a pretty comfortable life! Additionally, if you are big on animal rights like me, this gives you the 1-on-1 opportunity to talk to your local farmers about how they cage, feed, and raise their animals before you buy from them. Many farms also have their own little store that you can visit personally and check out for yourself!
  3. TASTE THE DIFFERENCE. You will notice that your local produce simply tastes ten times better than the mass-produced and shipped all over the country crap that big stores sell.
  4. PROCESSED, PROCESSED, PROCESSED.ย Not only does the produce taste better, it’s often way better for you. Many farmers that show up to the farmers markets are selling organic produce now! Not to mention, we’ve all heard the horror stories of chemicals, pesticides, hormones, wax and gassing to stimulate ripening, sitting in storage forever… Avoid all this by shopping local.
  5. SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT. Did you know that, in the U.S., your food travels an average ofย 1500 miles to get to your plate? Think of all the gas used in the shipping, the natural resources just wasted, contributing to our pollution problem. Big agribusiness usually results in harm to the earth just from their farming process! When you buy from your local farmers, you’re only talking about a few miles of traveling from source to plate. Additionally, local farmers and their more-natural and traditional farming processes doesn’t harm the earth the way big ag does. That alone is worth it!

Why do YOU like to shop your local farmers market? Comment below and let’s chat!

As a sidenote: If you read my last post about juicing, you noticed I talked a little bit about locally-produced honey and how it helps with allergies. Your local farmers market is a great place to find it!

On the fashion side of things: Check out my farmers market outfit from yesterday!ย IMG_6505ed

The dress was a total steal-deal from TJ Maxx ($13!), shoes are old and bag is one of my fav go-to’s from Guess! Faux-leather and goes with everything. Watch is Michael Kors, Sunnies are Steve Madden.

Like the dress? Check your local TJ Maxx or check out this one from LuLu’s! It’s a little pricier but it’s not as casual as mine ๐Ÿ™‚

These shoes are SUPER similar to mine and are on sale right now for under $20! Or, snag these shoes from my previous post from Target in Cognac!

Speaking of Cognac, my purse is old, but here’s one ON SALE right now from Guess for $30! They have it in Cognac to match your new shoes ๐Ÿ˜‰

For Michael Kors watches that won’t break your bank, check your local TJ Maxx or Ross! TJ Maxx ALWAYS has them in stock in different styles. Mine is a rose gold tennis with a white face! While you’re there, check out their sunglasses! Ross always has Steve Madden ones on deck ๐Ÿ™‚