Rompers & Steamers

Sundays are always my errand-running days. While running around, it’s important to be comfortable, but you can also be stylish! Rompers are the perfect errand-running outfit. Simple and easy to dress up or dress down. This one only cost me about $10 a long while back from (I think) Forever 21, and it still looks great!

The secret?


Ladies, if you have not invested in a steamer yet, you are missing out. When you’re buying clothes on a budget, they’re not always the greatest quality. The first time I wore this romper a couple years back, I washed it, threw it in the dryer, and it came out all shriveled up and wrinkly! Irons are a pain and don’t work well on a lot of clothing items. Steamers are the way to go.

I plug my steamer in while I’m getting ready in the morning and within a couple minutes it’s hot and ready to use. Whatever I’m wearing, whether it’s a $4 tee or business clothes, they get a quick steam before I put them on. It keeps them looking brand new and wrinkle-free! I seriously recommend you make the investment.

We got ours from Walmart for $85. Here’s the link!

Like my romper? Check out some other short-sleeve ones here, and this off-the-shoulder one is on my shopping list!

I snagged these shoes on clearance from my local Target for only $10 but they are back in stock online right now, on sale, in brown AND black for only $26! (***Update: they are currently only available in brown. “Cognac” online).

My bag is one of my new FAUX-LEATHER babies from the Guess end of season sale! Snagged it here for only $59 and it’s still on sale! Not to mention, it also comes in black! Like the print? Check out this Cate Saddle Cross-body like the one I just posted in Tomatoe! Only $30. I may also own this one as well… 🙂


Sunnies from Forever 21. Check out their HUGE under $10 selection here.




Today I’m talking about why I love Guess handbags so much, as opposed to the LV, YSL, Gucci, or Chanel bags, etc.

Obviously, the higher-end “investment” bags are just that; an investment. A LARGE investment if you’re like me, going to school full-time and all your money goes straight to bills. Of course, I would LOVE to have a $1300 handbag, but that’s not even possible for me for probably several years.

BUT GUESS WHAT! You don’t have to sacrifice fashion because you’re a hard-working girl on a budget! That’s a core message I want to share on my blog. You can be fashionable and look like you’re rocking high-end outfits without spending tons of money.

That brings me to my oh-so-beloved Guess handbags. As you know, I am a vegetarian. I have been my entire life, and it’s due to my HUGE love for animals. The problem with higher-end bags, even Coach or Michael Kors, is that they are made with real leather. For most people, that’s what they want. I don’t.

It is SO hard to find cute, affordable bags made with no animal products. Fortunately, Guess offers tons of handbags that are faux-leather! You can’t even tell the difference.

On top of being super cute and faux-leather, they are also SUPER affordable! I just snatched three new bags from their end of season sale and spent $120 in total.

It takes a lot for me to fall in love (head-over-heels) for a purse. But when these new babies arrived, I was THRILLED! Today I’m showing off my new Cate Saddle Cross-Body in Tomatoe. Originally priced at $60.00, I got it for $30.00! Half-priced? I’ll take it!! Keep an eye out on the blog for my other new bags!

Shop the end of the season sale here ->

Sunglasses & Tee – Forever 21 (Like, $10 total).

Boyfriend distressed jeans – TJ Maxx find!

Shoes are old (but have touches of Tomato red to tie in the bag!)

Drinking my new fav – Double shot on ice with Soy.